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EduKate Consulting offers exceptional one-on-one consulting to students and young adults on their academic and career journey.  By reducing uncertainty and clarifying confusion, clients leave feeling confident and at peace with their career direction.

“Half of Canadians, surveyed, wish they had sought more career planning advice”

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The greatest benefit of this debrief for me, was getting a better understanding of my personal strengths and motivators. Not only will knowing this help me have a better understanding of my ideal day to day life, but it will help me make better choices regarding future career options. The assessment was very well explained and executed. Not only did Kathleen walk me through it at a workable pace, she also clearly explained all queries I had. I would recommend her service to anyone trying to learn more about who they are and how they function best.

Clifford R.

Kathleen has an incredible gift! After the first session, I walked away with the confidence that we found the right person to work with Alex. Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable AND she has this amazing ability to connect and communicate. Thank you for hearing and valuing Alex, and thank you for taking the time to really explain his options so that he understood what they are. I am so appreciative for your help, support and guidance throughout this process! Thank you!!!

Jane G.

Kathleen, I just wanted to reach out and thank you yet again for all your help. Because of you and the interpretation of my Birkman, I feel more confident about the journey I am undertaking. It solidifies why and how I am moving along on this journey. Thank you again.

Michele B.

Hi Kathleen. I accepted my offer to Marketing Management at Guelph! Once again I would like to thank you so much because if it wasn’t for your guidance and help, I would not be this happy with my university choice.  You helped make the university process stress-free!  You were so easy to work with and I trusted you with every piece of advice and recommendation that you gave me.  Anyone would be more than lucky to have you as an educational consultant! I hope you have a wonderful summer and thanks for everything.

Adrienne W.

The feedback session was a pleasant experience; very thorough without being overwhelming. Results were explained in a meaningful way with an appropriate level of detail and examples. It confirmed for my son that he is on the right career path and it also provided him (and us) a better understanding of himself and his needs. Overall the value of the evaluation exceeded our expectations. Thank you.

Patricia O.

Thank you, Kathleen Ross. You have been a godsend. Your knowledge and guidance has been instrumental from Grade 11 and onward. Jack’s average in Grade 12 has gone through the roof once he figured out his path using the Birkman method that you provided. We all love the passion you have shown as you navigated Jack towards his university goal. Your compassion and warm, caring style has made this such an incredible journey for all of us. We can’t thank you enough!

Deb M.

Hi Kathleen. I thought that you would like to know that Andrew talked about the visit almost all the way home. He liked hearing you explain the information and after going through each of the sections of the report. He felt that you described him well. He certainly related to what you said about him. He liked you very much. Thank you very much for a great session with Andrew. I know this information will help him so much in life and he/we can’t wait for the next steps.

Joanne G.


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